Pergola And Garden Shed: Everything You Need To Know About Shading In Your Landscaping

Posted on December 21, 2022January 16, 2023Categories Landscape Design

When it comes to adding a little shade to your landscaping, there are many solutions available to you! We can group them into two main categories, namely pergolas and garden sheds (also commonly called gazebos, garden pavilions, sun shelters, or even solariums!). No matter your preference, each of these options offers a variety of styles to suit your tastes and environment.

In this article, discover the main differences between the pergola and the garden pavilion as well as their respective advantages. Then see how to make the right choice according to your lifestyle

Pergola Or Pavilion: Understand The Difference

Both provide shade and improve your comfort, but the pergola and the pavilion (gazebo) are quite different. Perfect for creating an outdoor relaxation area, the pergola is made of slats that allow light to pass through. Some bioclimatic models allow the slats to be closed to maximize protection against the sun. The pavilion, on the other hand, has a closed roof. Thus, it provides more shade and also shelters against rain and dew.

Often, the pavilion is detached from the house while the pergola can be part of the very architecture of the house. Mainly in the design of modern houses, it is not uncommon to see the pergola act as a roof for the patio or the terrace. However, free-standing pergolas, installed further away from the residence, are also trendy.

The Protection Of A Flag

With its closed roof and the possibility of adding a few walls or pretty canvases, the pavilion provides a more enveloping atmosphere. It guarantees a shaded area and protects against bad weather. There are also models offering panels (removable or not), or windows. It is therefore the perfect element to protect your spa during the cold season!

Several styles and materials are possible when choosing your gazebo. From natural stones to aluminum, through wood or shingles for the roof, you will have all the possibilities to personalize your purchase and match it to your home. The choice between a flat or sloping roof is also at your discretion.

Why not optimize your haven by adding some lighting? Indeed, it is possible to connect electricity to some luxury shelters. This is the perfect opportunity to transform your yard by adding a cozy atmosphere once the sun has gone down. With these varied options, you can take full advantage of your landscaping!

The Aesthetics Of The Pergola 

The pergola is without a doubt a very fashionable addition to your property. This type of open construction allows total ventilation since it does not include walls that retain heat. Consider adding climbing plants for a 100% natural look!

With a bioclimatic pergola, it is possible to protect yourself from the rain, since the adjustable blades close. However, this type of pergola does not require the addition of plants. Made of wood or aluminum, the pergola can also receive an electrical connection for the addition of lights. It’s the perfect middle ground to enjoy both the shade and the warm rays of the sun.

Make A Wise Choice

To make a good decision, ask yourself if you want to take advantage of the space, rain or shine. The pavilion, with its closed roof, will protect you even in the event of rain. Thanks to its walls or canvases, you can even stay there in case of wind. For its part, the pergola retains the rain only if it is a model with tilting blades. And since they never have walls, pergolas do not guarantee protection on the sides.

Also, think about the degree of shading desired. Go with the pavilion for a shaded space. And choose the pergola instead to enjoy the sun too. For a happy medium, consider the bioclimatic pergola!…