Contemporary, Modern, Country, Or Classic Landscaping?

There are different styles of landscaping for your prestigious home. Whether it is a contemporary, modern, country, or classic style, it is possible to give life to your environment according to your tastes! Although certain guidelines (textures, colors, contrasts, materials, plants, and geometric shapes) can help us decide between them, it is sometimes difficult to see completely clearly. In this blog post, discover the characteristics of these three landscaping styles to help you make the best choice for you!

Contemporary Landscaping And Modern Landscaping

In a contemporary layout, also called a modern layout, raw materials are put forward. Steel, concrete, and glass are very often present. On the other hand, natural stone, wood, and aggregates (river pebbles, gravel, and wood chips) are just as important. It is rather the way of arranging the materials that define the style. Here, we accentuate the contrasts of textures, colors, and geometric shapes. The lines must remain clean, so there are few decorative accessories. 

The choice of materials is harmonious and the plants are skilfully dispersed to enhance the desired effect. The gardens will always be well defined and the bushes well trimmed to keep a simple and chic guideline. In this regard, we often find arrangements of perennials (grasses, boxwood, and shrubs with colored foliage) to add movement and color.

They will generally be in shades of green, yellow, or brown for modern furnishings and more colorful when it comes to contemporary. A judicious choice of plants will limit the time spent on maintenance.

We can also afford to add discreet lighting, water basins, or shade sails to add dynamism. If one is allowed to imagine practically anything in contemporary architecture, one should not fall into the cliché by wanting to put too much.

Be rather minimalist, and avoid the “pizza” effect by having too many different materials! And if Picasso takes hold of you during your sketches, do not hesitate to consult a professional in prestigious interior design.

Country Landscaping

When we evoke a rural landscape, we often imagine the fences of poles, the pergola, the arbors loaded with climbing plants, and the fieldstone walls which recall the rock dykes of our countryside. This landscape of the Eastern Townships is very familiar to us and it is entirely justified to incorporate these elements into your design. Plants are often given pride of place with flowerbeds, hedges, and imposing trees, alongside natural stone which can be used for walls, rock gardens, steps, and patios. The gardens will be all the more provided and made up mostly of perennials.

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Country Landscaping

Landscaping Ideas

Aiming for a more natural decor, this style of layout will be much less symmetrical as a whole. Also, certain elements such as fireplaces, fire pits, and artificial ponds can be integrated naturally without too much infrastructure. In short, we are looking for an organic signature, to always have the impression that nature itself was responsible for creating the layout. The effect lies in the choice and arrangement of plants, decorative accessories, and natural materials, and, again, it is better not to overload the decor with too many unnecessary artifices.

Classic Landscaping

The classic style is structured, logical, and symmetrical! It is the rigor that dominates and it will necessarily also be necessary for maintenance. Less focused on the surrounding nature, this type of landscaping tends to dominate it, no detail is overlooked. Very straight borders, well-trimmed plants, fountains, statues, and sculptures can be integrated at the end of a cobblestone path or near a small pavilion. This type of landscaping is a little less common at the residential level these days, but it is still as elegant and impressive to contemplate with its flawless structure.

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Which design best suits your needs? These designs can serve as landscaping ideas to create a personalized, timeless, and tasteful one. In general, the style of your house, the constraints inherent in the relief of your land and the elements to be integrated will dictate your path.