Succeed In The Landscaping Of Your Secondary Prestigious Home

The landscaping of your second home is not to be taken lightly! This is the opportunity to make your wildest dreams come true and to personalize your environment to your lifestyle. The possibilities are endless… and it’s easy to get lost! To guide you in your landscaping choices for your second home, here is a guide to the three most important things to keep in mind.

Consider Visiting Times

Depending on the season(s) during which you visit your second home, the layout of your yard must adapt to your needs. Let’s take a look at the different options available to you.

Summer Getaways

If you enjoy your second home mainly in summer, the watchword will be cool! Shaded areas will be very important for optimal comfort. Think of greenery or even a garden shed! The swimming pool is also a must. Add some life to your decor with flowers or even a water garden. Without forgetting to integrate the pretty outdoor kitchen, which will make a beautiful sunny day a guaranteed success!

Winter Cabin

For winter sports enthusiasts who visit their second home during snowy stays, we will be looking for something cozy. What could be better than a good spa for a successful après-ski? Also go there with vegetation that will withstand the harsh Quebec winters, such as conifers for example. The day will end wonderfully in front of a good fire, surrounded by natural stones and tall fir trees!

4 Season Oasis

Those lucky enough to benefit from an all-weather retreat will be spoiled for choice when it comes to landscaping! The campfire and the swimming pool will be a real must here. And why not add a sumptuous terrace? A perfect mix of perennials, annuals, hardwoods, and conifers will make your yard charming in summer, as in winter!

Adapt The Landscaping To The Use Of His Secondary Prestige Home 

How do you use your second home? If you like to take refuge there alone, be sure to include everything you need to relax. Whether it’s the swimming pool, the deck chair, or the shed for your sports equipment, the configuration adapts to your desires. If you are rather among the hosts at majestic receptions, you will have to add everything necessary to receive family and friends well. Choose a large table with several chairs for all the guests, an outdoor bar, or even a large swimming pool. The parking spaces are also not to be forgotten.

Do you have young children or grandchildren? You will want to consider them in your decision-making. A play area or a designated area for sports activities will be greatly appreciated! For safety, add barriers to block access to water points.

Water sports enthusiasts will also need to develop the shoreline to make it suitable for receiving boats. Depending on your lifestyle, a pool house could be interesting with a kitchen, laundry room, and integrated shower to avoid dirtying your vacation home! In short, do not be afraid of grand ideas, everything is possible!

Take Advantage Of The Location Of Your Second Home 

The landscaping of your prestigious home, whether it is your principal residence or not, should harmonize with the nature that surrounds it. Surround yourself with experts to take advantage of each natural element around your second home.

Retreat by the water? Add a dock and a relaxation area close to the shore. It will be your favorite place to read a good book or have a coffee. Cabin in the mountains? Plan a marvelous view of the relief. Luxury camp in the forest? Keep the mature trees that will make your land a real enchanted haven. There is always a solution to maximize the surrounding assets, just ask yourself what will make you happiest!